About us

Indiaservicesno1.com is a unit of MKB Corporate Consultancy Private Limited. Indiaservicesno1.com has been established with the vision of providing complete business solution .It has been established with a goal of providing one stop solution. Once you join our hand, we are determined to provide you with complete guidance about your business problems and serve you in house . The true meaning of the word “Service” the act of doing thing for other people. The word of service is really working hard with full heart and body for optimum satisfaction of the client.

Indiaservicesno1.com provides technical support for strengthening capacity terms of keeping proper documentation, certification, information technology, accountancy, monitoring & evolution project planning & implementation. It helps budding and established organizations/companies. It believes in establishing healthy relationship with clients and not keep commerce at the centre of the work.


1.To provide consultancy, technical and professional support and guidance, verbal and written support of corporate sectors, organization, group of individuals whether profit making or non profit making in India and abroad field of multi services like registration & certification, documentation, monitoring & evaluation, designing, web & IT solutions, information dissemination, human resource development, training, research and development, study & analysis, promotion, advertisement and publicity, publication, financial management, book keeping, insurance and investment raising, legal and medical consultancy, administrative management, programme, project and policy development, plan and execution related consultancy.
2. To deal with and provide consultancy for all kinds of certifications, registrations, approvals, licenses, permits etc. from various department, ministries, boards, councils, corporations, authorities and government, semi-government and non-government.

Our Motto

Service is our product, Money is by product